What Make The Different About Theraphy and Counselling

What is the difference between theraphy and counselling North London ? There is a considerable overlap in that both counselling and psychotherapy are about overcoming personal difficulties and facilitating change. The methods used are similar and in some instances identical; the differences relate more to the goals and interests and to the setting in which the professional counsellor or therapist works. Both a counsellor and a therapist will decide whether or not they should seek further medical and psychiatric advice and will normally make referrals to appropriate specialists whilst also making consultations with the client’s.

The counselling North London however may work more with crisis intervention. However the distinction between counselling and psychotherapy is not a matter that need concern those who seek help. It is not necessarily the case that those who seek counselling or psychotherapy are in a crisis situation; many come in order to improve aspects of themselves and their lives, or to understand how they relate to others and to improve the quality of life. In Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy a whole range of techniques are incorporated into the therapy and adapted to suit each individual whatever the presenting problem.

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