This Is How To Manage The Use Of Electricity For Your AC Efficiently

AC usually consumes a lot of power. Use that is not appropriate or not as needed will make the power more wasteful. The electric power used to power the AC varies from 225 to 920 watts. At the occupancy level, it is usually the air conditioner that consumes the most electricity in monthly use. Meanwhile, if your AC is damaged, we suggest you call the port charlotte ac service company.

Check out the following ways to make sure the usage of electric power for your AC is quite efficient:

Make sure the room is well closed

Windows or open vents that can easily let air from the room to the outside will make the machine run long enough to cool the room. This causes the engine to work steadily and take longer to reach the standby position. As much as possible, also reduce the frequency of opening the door when the air conditioner is working to cool the room.

Set the temperature to 23–25 degrees Celsius

The low-temperature setting will make the AC compressor work hard continuously to reach the desired temperature. If we have a habit of setting temperatures below 23 degrees Celsius, it is not surprising that electricity bills will always swell. To be more energy-efficient, set the temperature in the range of 23-25 degrees Celsius. Occasionally when we want a cooler room, it is permissible to set a low temperature. However, once the room is cool, change the setting to a temperature of 23–25 degrees Celsius.

Select the dry mode to reduce power use

There are several operating mode options on the air conditioner. In air conditioners sold for the tropics, usually available “cool” and “dry” modes. The “cool” mode functions to cool the room and the “dry” mode reduces humidity in the air. If it is very hot outside, the “cool” mode will cool the room more effectively. However, this mode uses a lot of electricity because the compressor will continue to spin fast until the temperature is cold. Now, if we are comfortable enough with room temperature, changing it to a “dry” mode will help save energy because the air conditioner can run without running the compressor. With this mode, the temperature will be stable and the wind circulation does not break. In addition, this mode can reduce air humidity.

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