How To Take Care Of Your Watch

If you are looking for the best watches for men then there are many things you need to consider. One of them is whether the watch of your choosing is quartz watch or automatic. Automatic watches require more maintenance. In contrast to quartz watches, automatic watches require more care. Because it is supported by arm movements then it is better to keep the automatic watch moving periodically. This is needed to prevent the lubricant from the watch from thickening. If it thickens, the accuracy of the time will be incorrect and requires a readjustment.

Although equipped with water resistance, it does not mean your watch is fine after being exposed to water or after you swim. After submerging the pool or seawater, you should immediately rinse your watch in freshwater flow. If your watch is equipped with a rotating bezel, rotate the bezel several times while rinsing it. Rotating the bezel prevents salt buildup in the bezel. You also should not be carelessly wearing a watch in the sauna or when soaking in hot water. Too hot temperatures will cause metal parts to develop and create small holes.

Keep the watch away from magnets. The magnetic field will affect the rotation of the watch and trigger an inaccurate time accuracy. Avoid placing the watch near the television, refrigerator, fan, microwave, and other electronic items. If you feel your watch is often inappropriate, this might be one reason. Replace the watch battery. The average age of a Quartz or quartz watch battery ranges from 3-4 years. It all depends on the usage factor and the type of watch. The more functions, the more often the battery must be replaced regularly. When the start time is inaccurate or dead, replace the battery immediately to avoid battery leakage that could damage the watch mechanism. If you have an automatic or mechanical watch, do regular checks for about 2-3 years so that the work of the watch stays optimal.

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