Gb WhatsApp For Android

Among the many WhatsApp type, Gb WhatsApp can still be the best and most popular that you can find at Not without reason, this application offers many interesting features that you won’t find in the official version of WhatsApp or even in other similar types. But before discussing more the features offered, maybe you need to know that before Gb WhatsApp there is an app called WhatsApp Plus which is very popular and widely used by WhatsApp lovers.

The Gb WhatsApp has been developed by many parties. Now, especially Android users use Gb WhatsApp as an alternative to WhatsApp Plus that still works well. One of the advantages of Gb WhatsApp is that it can be used without requiring root privileges. This means that this app can be used on non-root devices. There are many features that you can get on GBWhatsApp, such as hiding “last access”, hiding messages received and reading, and many free themes available that you can download.

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