Benefits of Reading for Children

As a parent, of course, you have certain expectations for your children. What would you look like they would be, what would they be like to be? One of the dreams of every parent is to have a smart child. Basically, intelligence can be formed, not only identical with genetic factors or heredity, but can be obtained from various things. Such as good nutrition, play and positive habits formed early. Parents have a big role in forming positive habits in children. One way is by increasing children’s potential in children learning reading. Reading books is an integral part of their life.

There are many benefits that you can get from the habit of reading books to children. Some of them are as follows:

Increase children’s vocabulary
Through reading, children will get used to hearing new vocabulary words. This will enrich them in understanding the various words that are around them. It is also one of the most effective ways to make the brain more developed because children are stimulated to enrich their “language”. For example, a study at Rhode Island Hospital, United States, by comparing two groups of babies aged eight months. The first group is the group whose parents often read story books and the second group vice versa. The result is that in the first group, the baby’s vocabulary and understanding increased to 40 percent, while the non-reading group only increased 16 percent

Improve communication skills
With more vocabulary, it will help children communicate more easily. They will be more confident in speaking because they are rich in various words and sentences. A good structure in speaking will slowly affect the way they communicate. In addition, when you read a book to children, it should be at a volume that they can hear well (read a loud). Because by reading a loud, you teach a lot of skills in communication. How to speak, listen and read well.

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